Monday, October 29, 2012

Nothing much

Hello readers. Oh blog, I'm sorry cause I have been so lazy right now to write some new post to you, yeah to you guys. Sorry, my bad. Even all my stuff pun tak berkemas. I'm so so lazyyyyyyyyyyyyy right now. *Sigh. Can I have someone to help me with this work, because there a lot thing that I have to do, like I want to sleep, mmm watching movie all days, sing out loud and dance crazily, and I have no time with berkemas all my stuff. HAHA. Hey, just kidding. Later, or maybe next week or bila bila la, I will kemas my barang okay.

Okay, let's move to another topic. I think about two weeks ago my cousin get married. So, here I wish something to him, because I'm not so rapat with him and I'm little bit shy to say or wish to him like face to face. Heee. Oh the bride name is Kak Athirah and the groom name is Abg Fadhli which is my cousin. Oh they are so cute couple. HAHA, like really, seriously cute. Oh their wedding so cantik. Haish, I'm so malas nak cerita everything guys, just see the picture. AHA. Sorry. :)

Okay, the bride and the groom. :)

Oh, from left: That's me. Sarah Hanes, my beautiful cousin and lastly my lovely niece, Nurul Huda. Yeah, le girls. Masa kecil dulu, kitaorang dipanggil as 3R. HAHA.

With them, oh that boy. The blue t-shirt one name Danial Hakimi and the other one is Hafizi. They are my nephew. Yes, handsome? Oh, just behave yourself girl. I'm not sure they single. Just ask them. :)

I think maybe korung fikir Alia dah tua gila right? Taeng!! Salah! Alia muda lagi, baru nak masuk 20 okay. HAHA. Jangan tanya la kenapa Alia ramai anak saudara, just complicated nak cerita kan. Senang cerita, adik beradik ibu Alia so ramai, and my mom was anak bongsu. So, faham faham sendirila kenapa eh. Oh, more picture at facebook. You can see at there. Hee. :)

Eh, forgot the wish. Haiyaaa. Okay, to Abg Padey and Kak Athirah. Selamat Pengantin Baru. Alia wish you guys hidup bahagia till you get your children, get old together, having fun with your grandchild. Keep yourself in health and banyakkan bersabar eh dalam rumahtangga okay. Semoga hubungan Abg Padey and Kak Athirah kekal ke akhir hayat, till Jannah. Insyaallah. :)

Before I'm say bye to you guys, I know it's kinda late but peduli apa right? Hee. Okay to all Muslim Selamat Menyambut Aidiladha okay. :)


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