Friday, May 11, 2012


Hi readers. About the last post yesterday, I'm so sorry because I'm maybe, okay maybe little bit down. Actually, I'm really frustrated yesterday. But now, not anymore. After I heard Walking Like A Dream by Yuna over and over, suddenly I'm cheer up and I'm thinking what I got if  bersedih sedih bagai disebabkan oleh lelaki yang tak pernah hargai Alia right.

One more thing that make me smile today just because I have family, bestfriend which are my girlfriends and also the boys * Jangan marah korang, heee, my brother, Abang Mir and also you Chipsmore.

I just cured by the kindness of them, stand beside me all night yesterday. Thanks guys.

Especially you Chipsmore. Even you tired, and already to go sleep but when I called, you just heard I'm crying without any argue. Yes, you do ask me why I'm crying but I'm decided to keep it to myself. Thanks for understand me by not ask over again why I'm crying. I just said to you that I need someone, then you there. Thanks sebab dengar I menangis. And also thanks for making me laugh and smile again. You have a good sense humor. You know what, I tak sabar start class and meet you. Thanks dear.

To my beloved girlfriend Asilah, thanks babe sebab dengar aku pong pang pong pang bercerita dekat kau. And just you my dear Asilah yang fully understand me. Skype dengan kau yang tengah makan nasi malam malam buta, lauk ikan kembung dengan telur, make me thinking kau sedikit pun tak berubah. Kau still buat apa yang kau nak, and so do I. Thanks babe, you cheer up me again. And I miss you sayang. Don't ever ever forget me, okay?! I love you. :)

Also tak lupa juga to my brothaaaaa, Abang Mir. HAHA. Even he didn't picked up my call last night because dia tidur. But then suddenly he on the skype, and straightly sent message to me. Nampak disitu kasih sayang seorang abang to his adik right, nampak tak? Kalau tak nampak, tak apa Alia sepak laju laju dekat muka korang, bagi segar and clearly see it. HAHA. Thanks bro, you always stand beside me. You always heard adikmu ini membebel sana sini. And you always bersabar dengan adikmu ini yang suka menyampuk cakap when you tgh bercakap, HAHA.  * Ini lawak,sebab nampak betul dia tak suka. Hee. Thanks a lot. You are the best brother setakat ni. And I'm also love youu.

So, to girls out there yang maybe frustrated, you should meet up with your friends or your family , siblings to cheer you up. Tak payah la nak mengada ngada nak duduk dalam bilik, menyendiri la konon. I think that was bad idea to forget your boyfriend. It's better when you cry with someone, seriously Alia tak tipu. Cry alone don't make you feel better, cry with your friends or anyone that you love except your boyfriend okay, can make you more more feel better.

The End.


  1. thanks dear . hehe . one more mistake there . u better re-check .

  2. Haish, HAHA. Malas laaa,betulkan la. Please :)

  3. kalau la abg bleh betul kan . hmm