Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nothing much to say

Hello everyone. Today, Alia just want to post some random stuff. Okay, firstly Alia baru sampai rumah semalam. Oh, dalam 4 hari lepas Alia ke Vietnam. So far okay laaa, but whatever it is, rasa seronok lagi duduk dekat negara kita sendiri.

And the true fact is, Shopping make your holiday become perfect okay! HAHA. Seriously, Alia tak tipu.

Okay, another thing Alia nak cerita. Hmm, oh dia dah ada girlfriend baru. Great! He asked for break up just because want the freedom from me and now he got a new girlfriend! Congratulation Ex- Boyfriend.

And I? Just being fooled by him. HAHA. Great Alia, asyik kena tipu jela kau ni. Menangis pun tak guna la Alia oii. Makan hati and just keep it in you heart until it break. And absolutely can transform to the new heart, when you found someone new, that truely love you. I will wait that moment. :)

Last night  before I going to sleep, I got this,

" It's take a long duration to forget someone that you love, also to find that someone that really love you. Aliashuhaimi"


Hmm,I'm still single right now. Find the new one?  Yes, I will. But better I'm single right now. Yeah, I admit there someone that  I liked, and now we are in progress to know each other. We take it slowly, since I'm still care or remember my ex boyfriend. But starting today, I will forget him. Since he has new replacement. I hope he will happy with his decision. Anyway thanks to him because of what he did to me.

To my ex boyfriend,


The End.

In future, have a picnic and the chill time with my boyfriend

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