Sunday, July 8, 2012

Boys are difficult to understand

Morning readers. How's your weekend, is it good? How's about my weekend? Oh so far Alia little bit busy right now. I have to do a lot site visit and siap kan my assignment. Oh ni baru jea sampai rumah since my mom and my dad nak bawa Alia jalan jalan. Penat, penat.

Before that, I got new watch. My mom bought that for me, a new Fossil watch. Thanks mom, :)

And also I bought some earphones for me and my little brother, idk right now I love to buy earphones, yela now a days punya earphones comel comel jea. Geram Alia tengok.

Oh forget about the title right? Today, Alia mahu bercerita mengenai lelaki. Until now, I can't understand boys! Why? Why? Why?

First, Alia bukan nak mengungkit la but Alia sampai sekarang la masih teringat apa yang ex boyfriend Alia buat dekat Alia, bukan tak nak lupa but then it make me curious, why he did that at me?

He said this before, ' I want my freedom back, I have to focus on my studies first.'

Then after he got new girlfriend, ' Past is a past, Alia, It just, suddenly i'm fall in love with her, you still can be my friend right? '

Can you imagine how i felt, he said he want freedom but then Taraaaaaa, new girlfriend. Then i thought maybe that his new freedom, or breaking up with me give him freedom.

until one day, he called me and said ' That girl and I will not lasting, just a few years or months. ' and ' I miss you, Alia.'

A lot of question coming through my brain, like ' Apa masalah mamat ni bagitahu aku, eh eh boleh plak mamat ni cakap cenggini, apa sebenarnya dia nak? '

Haish, apa sebenarnya yang bermain di fikiran dia ni kan?

Enough with ex, now I'm talking about my chipsmore.

Ini pun jadi satu masalah juga, Alia tak tahu apa yang berlaku between us right now.

I like him and so do him but then something menghalang dia untuk bersama dengan Alia. Don't ask me apa dia okay? Sebab Alia totally no ideas about it.

Day by day, kitaorang makin rapat but still Alia rasa it's hard for us to together. Rasa makin jauh harapan tuk bersama.

I saw picture of him with her ex girlfriend. yeah i know Alia tiada hak untuk pertikaikan hal itu kan but then once I saw that picture, my heart felt hurt. Its spoil my mood.

Actually, banyak yang berlaku and selalunya akan end up like more worse i think.

I realized all this stuff was so difficult to understand, and the end I decided to single for now since Chipsmore said ada sebab dia tak dapat bersama Alia and blah blah blah, sebab banyak sangat reasons dia till Alia pun tak ingat.

Before Alia end up this post, Alia nak cakap sesuatu pada Chipsmore.

' You said that you tak la sebaik yang I sangka right? It is okay Chipsmore, nobodys perfect, so do me. I tak sebaik yang you sangka, i do a lot of sin. I also have my dark side, and i scared if you know it you will run away. So Im little bit understand why you do this, but please believe me. I terima you seadanya even if one day you botak pun, I akan terima you seadanya. Hee. So don't worry okay. And take your time okay, since you said you pressure and tired with all this feeling. Then I give you, your space that you really need. I will not disturb you until you come and search me. For now on, takecare of yourself okay. and I will miss you chipsmore :') '


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