Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More I care about you, more hurt that I felt

Salam readers. Yes, can't wait for Ramadhan, Ramadhan nearly coming. You guys dah ready, Alia dah ready.HAHA. *muka excited sekarang ni.

Oh damn, this semester, huh its upside down my world okay. Penat kot. I'm busy with all this assignment, do the survey, find the right building and so on. Haish, kan senang kalau Alia ada my own car, tak perlu keluar duit banyak banyak. Then, Alia juga terlalu malas rasanya untuk menyiapkan all those damn thing. Pemalas kan Alia? Hee. That's why nobody wants me, I'm a lazy person okay. So, future boyfriend, please terima Alia seadanya. *Entah apa Alia, bukannya nak berubah. Hey, even I'm a lazy person, but not that too lazy, till malas segalanya. That's not me okay, take note that.

Wait, again how about the title's right? Maybe some readers will understand this story if they do read my older post.

Now, I'm gonna tell about my crush, which is not my crush anymore. I"m done with him. No more chipsmore. More I care about him, lagi sakit hati Alia ni hah. Bermacam la alasan dia, again Alia dah malas, penat nak jaga hati dia, care pasal dia. Macam la dalam dunia ni tak ada lelaki lain right?

Yes, memang Alia sedih. But now, sorry la. I'm back okay. I'm slowly to set the mind and my heart that chipsmore just my friend. That's it, just friend, not more than that. That's the easier way to make each of us feel happy, and ofc he will happy with her GIRLFRIENDDDDD!

Pokoknya, until now Alia malas nak fikir semua ni. Penat and serik tahu. Better Alia macam ni, and Alia berdoa sangat semoga Allah mempertemukan jodoh Alia dengan seseorang yang betul betul hargai and sayang kan Alia. Bukan mempermainkan Alia just like BONEKA. Again, I'm not boneka, i'm human being, have feeling.

Okay, before too late, I wish Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan guys. Alia harap for this Ramadhan, Alia akan berubah menjadi lebih baik, Insyaallah, doa doakan la eh, and also forget all this shit thing, so do him. Bye bye chipsmore, take care of yourself. And sumpah doe, you sangat sangat over bila you saw me that day, I felt that I'm stranger to you, thanks a lot! You choose that way, so let's end up like that. I'm glad to do that. :)

p/s: now, my playlist always repeated Stronger and Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson Songs as well Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato. Why, because sometimes it gives me some semangat to move on. :)


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